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Volunteer Information 

Volunteering is a very important part of being involved in Drama Club

Every family is expected to volunteer their time.

We expect at least the following commitments from each parent

  • Chaperone at least 4 after school rehearsals

  • Work at at least 1 Saturday workshop

  • Volunteers with at least 1 performance related committee

There will be multiple other opportunities throughout the school year.

We have a job for everyone!

Saturday January 18th Workdays


Please sign up below to help in one of the following workshops 


This sign up is to help build props

This sign up is to help build props (great for our drama students)

Rehearsal Chaperones

Here is our sign up for rehearsal chaperones for semester two.

Remember Cast A rehearses on Tuesday night

Cast B rehearses on Wednesday nights

Tech - we would like tech to be present at both rehearsal nights but we understand

that due to school work or other commitments that this may not be possible

Closer to show week then tech will be required to be at every rehearsal

Please sign up for the night which your child is rehearsing on 

Unsure which cast your child is in? Please check here

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to email us at pcms_drama@yahoo.com