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Here you will find the dance routines which you have been taught. Please use these to practice

Happy Dancing!!



Oompa Loompa Dance 1

(excuse the bad focus...)

Heading 1

Oompa Loompa Dance 2

Oompa Loompa Dance 3

Oompa Loompa Dance 4

Oompa Loompa Steps

Boat sequence

Dear Dancers, Fred Astaire is one of the most famous social dancers. I hope that you enjoy watching this clip from his movie called Top Hat. The way that the dancers dance with their canes is very similar to your candy canes. Notice how smoothly they walk. Their pivot turns are very clean and effortless. The second video shows the basic steps for your number. Happy Dancing!

Love, Miss Amanda

Video 1

Video 2

"Golden Age of Chocolate"

Willy Wonkas and Oompa Loompas

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