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Drama club 



Club meetings will be held virtually on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm until 5:30 pm for the first half of the year.  

Some of the very talented people who will be hosting some of our meetings include the following:


Johnson Brock   10/13/20  How to project and enunciate so that your audience can hear you.  Johnson Brock is a New York City based performer who has done musicals in New York and Chicago!

Joey Goldman    What's an ensemble?  Learning about the team concept of drama through games.  Joey Goldman is our former director and an all around awesome drama teacher!

Emily Edwards In the Zoom where it happens- Choreography from Hamilton.  Emily Edwards is an outstanding 5th grade teacher and a great dancer!

Matthew Neylon  How do you sing a Broadway song?  Matthew Neylon is a professional singer and performer with years of teaching experience with kids.

To sign up for the 2020 Virtual season. please fill out the registration form here.

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